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...children are everything. From the teachers we support to the products we design, it is the child who drives us to evaluate, create, and innovate.

Children are capable and competent

Children are amazing learners. They master new skills continuously, crave challenges, and thrive when empowered with trust and autonomy. At Kodo, we believe that every child is competent. Our tools and materials leave space for their ideas and skills to grow.

teaching tools matter

Kodo materials are not just “toys”, they are tools for teaching. Designed for the child and the teacher, our engaging, open-ended materials captivate children and give teachers opportunities to interact and educate.

Boundless Possibilities through Play

Children need limits, but not in learning! Materials should engage the mind, ignite curiosity, and offer limitless learning opportunities. This is the backbone of everything we design, create, and offer here at Kodo.

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Kodo Products are of excellent quality and have improved our learning environments. We have purchased every single item in the catalog and are excited to see how Kodo helps us achieve our desired learning outcomes. KODO products are fun, innovative, engaging, and educational.


Marnie Forestieri

Little Explorers Academy

“I LOVE Kodo Kids products because they offer adults and children opportunities for open-ended, creative play. As a trainer, I use their products to help educators develop STEM knowledge. I bring a variety of products to workshops and the one educators gravitate towards and are most excited to try is the rubber ramp from Kodo Kids because they are instantly curious about it and as they explore it they discover a multitude of different ways to use it.”


Kori Bardige

Learning Circle Consulting

About Kodo

Kodo was founded on the idea that the brilliance of childhood deserved so much more than is found in the typical “toy”. In the classroom this is especially relevant and from inception, Kodo has been focused, designing and curating a portfolio of products that uphold the importance and impact of Early Education. Materials which educators the world over are proud to use as Teaching Tools in their classrooms. Kodo was born in 2008 in the garage of a new dad who was inspired by the unbounded possibilities of his young child. In search of building an intellectually enriching environment he leaned on his expertise in design and engineering and began to build. Through the mentoring by master ECE educators a play-based product approach was formed.

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