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We are so excited to be partnering with this sustainable furniture brand to bring you intentionally designed pieces for your learning environment. Shop our Kodo curated bundles or work with our team to design your own.

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On a Mission

Created to elevate the way in which children learn from the earliest stages, Kodo builds innovative learning materials which promote and deepen play-based learning. Kodo strives to enhance the educator’s experience by providing resources and support through our materials, professional development, and our online learning Community.

Kodo Kit for Teaching Strategies®

16 beautiful materials.
Endless ways to play.

Incorporate The Kodo Kit and watch learning come to life as children investigate and discover each component in the interest areas of your classrooms.

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We are thrilled to introduce you to our community portal; Kodo Community. Here we invite you to connect with our educational teams and other educators from around the world, enjoy exclusive virtual sessions, online courses and events and suggestions for intentional materials to bring your curriculum to life.

Kodo Innovations:

Kodo’s proprietary learning materials are ideated, created and developed right here in the USA.
Our unique Kodo inventions are catalysts for authentic play and measurable learning.

Wind Tunnel

Activity Tray

Magnet Wall

Rubber Ramps

Shelf-Top Light Panel

Toddler Play Table

Toddler Ramp Set

Light Lab

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Explore kits designed by our team of educators, in conjunction with Teaching Strategies, to facilitate learning based on specific interest areas and in support of Creative Curriculum and GOLD Assessment tools.

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Why Shop Kodo?

Our products and support are celebrated by educators and children alike, but don’t just take our word for it…

We consider the Kodo Kids professional development training and materials a good investment in our program’s success. The materials are not only aesthetically pleasing, but allow open ended investigation naturally and the training provides our teachers with confidence to facilitate, but not take over, the experiences children initiate.

As the Director of a preschool I am always looking for fun, innovative products to enrich our students’ learning experience. Kodo is a wonderful resource for such items. We just purchased a number of items including the wind tunnel, conveyer belt and ball maze to the delight and fascination of both teacher and students. Thank you Kodo!

I am a TK teacher and I bought the ramps and the “Swiss cheese” Getting the Swiss cheese ramp stands made a huge difference in the children’s block play. They love to explore and experiment with the different elevations and angles. We added a rubber track to it and it is amazing! These are pricey – but worth it. They will last for years to come!

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