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As children play with Loose Parts their imaginations soar as they work in groups to create worlds, arrange mathematical creations, engineer contraptions, and invent new ways to bring their ideas to life.

Kodo is so excited to now offer many parts and pieces for teachers to create opportunities for loose parts play in the classroom!

Kodo Kids

Material bundles created in collaboration with Miriam Beloglovsky.

Kodo Kids

Parts, packs, and pieces!
Other materials we love for Loose Parts Play.

Loose parts resources

loose parts webinar

Miriam Beloglovsky and Diane Spahn explore the 6 w’s that serve as a framework to select and set up loose parts that provoke children’s inquiry in the webinar, recorded on January 27th, 2021.

loose parts blog post

Loose Parts for All Ages

Guidance on selecting materials and facilitating loose parts play in infant/toddlers, preschool, and school-age settings.

Displaying and Organizing Loose Parts

Helpful ideas on displaying and organizing your loose parts.

Loose Parts PLC

As part of our continued support, Kodo Educators will be fostering conversations about loose parts.

Connect, engage, discuss, and collaborate on Loose Parts! If you are interested in joining our Loose Parts PLC sign up today!

“Loose Parts are more than ordinary objects; they are unexpected discoveries that stimulate children’s curiosity and give rein to their imagination.”

Kodo Kids