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Chalk Spinner


The Chalk Spinner is an interactive product that engages children in play and learning. The spinning chalkboard encourages artistic exploration and creativity, while developing critical skills such as coordination and dexterity. The Chalk Spinner has a chalkable top and sides encouraging children to explore “outside the lines.”

Teachers and children love this product so much that it sold out!! We are currently expecting to be able to fulfill orders by late February.

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Standing at 18 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter, the Chalk Spinner is the perfect size floor model. It is lightweight enough to transport, yet will comfortably accommodate up to 4 children. Ideal for individual use or small group interaction.

The Chalk Spinner also features a chalk holder at its center, making chalk easily accessible for when the creative spark arises. With a spray bottle and towel in hand, clean up has never been more fun.


  • Chalk Spinner
  • 2 boxes of dust-free chalk
  • 1 towel for clean-up
  • Teaching Guide

The chalk spinner is made of wood and is NOT waterproof. We recommend INDOOR USE ONLY. The chalk spinner can be easily carried outside when outdoor use is desired, but should not be exposed to rain or stored outdoors. Vinyl cover is available separately and is a great way to make the spinner “off-limits” when not in use.

Dimensions: 18″ diameter, 18” tall, 23 lbs

ECERS: 17. Fine Motor, 18. Art
FCCERS: 15. Fine Motor, 16. Art

Appropriate for ages 3+

US Patent 8,308,483

Can it be used outdoors?
No, it is not waterproof so should not be left outdoors. It is lightweight enough to take outside for use during the day.

Is there a special kind of chalk you have to use it with?
Some chalks will scratch the surface of the spinner. We recommend using Prang chalk.

How do I clean it?
Just like a chalkboard. A towel or eraser will work, and occasionally spray it down lightly with water and towel to clean.