Create A World Sign Making Set


Open-ended wooden parts for children to construct their own signs during play with ramps and blocks.

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The Sign Making Set helps children pause and ponder what is needed for their imaginary landscape and structures. Perhaps the road leading to the Farm needs a Stop Sign or maybe just a picture of a cow. Children might be inclined to wonder about why a Yield Sign is triangular and speculate about the purpose it serves. Ultimately, the children decide what signs they need, whether they need color or words or symbols, and where to position them. The shapes can be left plain or invite children to decorate them with colorful chalk or your own paint. Use them to promote block and story play, fine motor and writing skills.


  • 12 wooden shapes: 3 each of Circles, Squares, Triangle and Octagons
  • 12 clothespin posts12 stands
  • 1 Box Color Chalk
  • 1 canvas storage bag

ECERS: 17. Fine Motor, 20. Blocks
FCCERS: 15. Fine Motor, 18. Blocks

Appropriate for ages 3+

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