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Elevate the materials, and you’ll heighten the learning! The Funnel Stand is an exceptional enhancement for sand and water play! This tool elevates a set of six included funnels for children’s easy access, helping the materials stay on your sensory table and off the floor. Now, that’s something every classroom can use! 

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Teachers tell us these stands have transformed their sensory tables from rarely used to an everyday choice! The Funnel Stand elevates sensory play from down inside the bin, up to eye level. It provides a focused location to work, helping the materials stay on the table and off the floor. The elevation allows children to watch the flow of the materials and compare the difference between mediums, such as water and Jurassic Sand.

The durable Funnel Stand can be used indoors and out, but it should be stored indoors for a long life. It cleans up easily with soapy water or your favorite green cleaner.


  • The Funnel Stand
  • 3 Large Funnels
  • 3 Small Funnels

ITERS: 20. Nature/Science
ECERS: 22. Nature/Science
FCCERS: 20. Nature/Science

Appropriate for ages 3+

Product Dimensions
30″ x 15″

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– funnel stand
– funnels
– Large Funnels
– Small Funnels



Clean the funnels and stand with soapy water or your preferred eco-friendly cleaner using mild detergent and wipe dry. Spray lightly with standard classroom bleach solution. We do not recommend leaving in standing water for an extended time. Store indoors when not in use, especially during freezing temperatures.

Children naturally test mathematical and scientific concepts of volume, motion, and states of matter when dumping and pouring using the Funnel Stand as a stable workstation.


  • Place the Funnel Stand and funnels in a sensory bin or sand and water table along with familiar material, such as fine sand or water, for children to freely explore with the new tool. 
  • Offer with other existing sensory tools such as measuring cups, scoops, spoons, and See Inside Pipe sections to support the exploration of volume, capacity, and size.
  • Try adding clear plastic flexible tubing to the funnels so your students can experiment with direction and accuracy. By capping the opening of the funnel or squeezing shut the end of the tubing, they will have a hands-on experience with pressure, volume, and gravity while developing fine motor muscles.
  • Occasionally, remove the funnels and use the stand to hold other sensory tools. 
  • Use the funnels during an investigation or study of Tubes and Tunnels.

Q. Can I order replacement funnels?

Of course! Give our customer service team a call at 844.563.6543 or write to us at [email protected]


Q. I want to attach tubes to the funnels. What size will work? Do you sell it?

Your local hardware store will have tubing in various diameters, which is normally sold by the linear foot. Take a funnel with you when you shop to ensure a snug fit.

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