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Funnel Stand


The Funnel Stand is a wonderful addition to your sensory table. A place to elevate your funnels for enriching interactive exploration as children scoop, pour, and watch the materials flow through the funnels!

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We’ve had teachers tell us these stands have transformed their sensory tables from rarely used to an everyday choice! The Funnel Stand elevates sensory play from down inside the bin, up to eye level. It provides a focused location to work, helping the materials stay in the table and off the floor. The elevation allows children to watch the flow of the materials and compare the difference between mediums, such as water and Jurassic Sand.

The durable Funnel Stand stand can be used indoors and out, but store indoors for a long life. Cleans up easily with soapy water or your favorite green cleaner.


  • The Funnel Stand
  • 3 Large Funnels
  • 3 Small Funnels

ITERS: 20. Nature/Science
ECERS: 22. Nature/Science
FCCERS : 20. Nature/Science

Appropriate for ages 3+

Product Dimensions
30″ x 15″

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– funnel stand
– funnels
– Large Funnels
– Small Funnels



It is very natural for children to remove the funnels and pour materials directly through the holes, which we think is just fine! Try adding clear plastic flexible tubing to the funnels so your children can experiment with direction and accuracy. By capping the opening of the funnel or squeezing shut the end of the tubing, they will have a hands-on experience with pressure, volume and gravity, all while developing fine motor muscles.

Questions for adults and children:
How does a funnel work? What’s its purpose?
How does viscosity play a part in this work?
Does a material’s temperature have an effect on its ability to pass through the funnel?
What is the relationship between the size of the funnel and the size of the material?
What materials work best? What comprises the children’s criteria for the “best”?
How can funnels be used to make bubbles?

The Funnel Stand can support growth of STEM and other content areas:
Social Skills – Negotiation, Collaboration, Communication
Physical Development – Fine Motor, Dexterity
Earth Science – Characteristics of Natural Materials
Technology – Use of Tools
Engineering/Physics – Flow, Force, Gravity
Mathematics – Size, Spatial Relationships, Quantity, Direction
Suggested Book List:
A River Ran Wild by Lynne Cherry
A Handful Of Dirt by Raymond Bial
Jump Into Science: Sand by Ellen Prager
Forces Make Things Move by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley