Jurassic Sifter Scoops


Sifter Scoops make the perfect scoops for Jurassic Sand. Scoop, sift, and pour with these unique sifters.

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These fine screen Sifter Scoops are ideal with Jurassic Sand. Children love to use these along with our Metal Sifters to scoop, sift, and sort larger objects from within Jurassic Sand. Go on archaeological missions for bones or treasures while refining motor skills! We love to bury polished pebbles, small gem stones, or other treasures in the sand for the children to dig and sift out. Endless enjoyment!

This set contains 2 sifter scoops – one small 2″ diameter and one large 3″ diameter, both with a very fine screen.

Appropriate for 18 months +