Light Lab Rainbow Pegboard Set


Add new dimension to your Kodo Light Lab, with the Light Lab Pegboard Set. Two natural birch pegboards and a collection of vibrant acrylic pegs in rainbow colors create an illuminated ‘sensory canvas’. By arranging the pegs children make their own patterns, designs, and shapes.

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The Light Lab Pegboard Set was designed with learning styles in mind. Some children like to experiment with circular shapes, arcs, and curves, while others appreciate the organization of lines, rows, and boxes. Many like to explore them all. We’ve included two boards; one radial and one grid design style to suit the interests of all the children in your program. Each acrylic peg is solid and can stand up to the rigors of daily use. Children and teachers can explore color, shapes, patterns, numeracy, and form. When lit from below with the array of shades produced by Kodo’s Light Lab, the results are, in a word, stunning!


    • 2 wood Pegboards, each 25″ in diameter
    • 140 Acrylic 3/4″ diameter pegs approximately 2 3/4″ long (Length will vary slightly)
      • 20 Clear
      • 20 Red
      • 20 Pink
      • 20 Yellow
      • 20 Blue
      • 20 Green
      • 20 Purple
    • Large Canvas Bag

Appropriate for ages 2+

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