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Magnet Wall Ramps Pack


The Magnet Wall Ramps Pack includes 4 magnetic ramps and 2 non-magnetic ramps to expand play on your magentic wall.

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The Magnet Wall Ramps Pack includes:

  • 4 magnetic ramps (one 3 ft, one 2 ft, and two 1 ft)
  • 2 non-magnetic ramps (one 3 ft and one 2 ft)

Great for The Indoor Magnet Wall, Outdoor Magnet Wall, and The Mobile Magnet Wall!

Appropriate for ages 3+

Please note that Kodo’s magnetic accessories will NOT work on standard magnetic white boards, as the steel generally used to manufacture them is not a strong enough gauge. Our walls are fabricated using thick 14 gauge steel which is needed for good adherence of the magnets.