Outdoor Balance


Outdoors is a great place to experiment with balance. Water, sand, wood chips or any other material can be placed in the metal buckets and compared to see which weighs more. A great way to develop an understanding of density weight.

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The Outdoor Balance is a unique way to bring mathematics to the playground. Children will learn about weight, mass, and proportion as they fill the buckets with natural materials on hand; water, sand, pine cones, rocks, and more. Easily mounted to a fence post or wall, the weather resistant Outdoor Balance includes two metal pails that can be clipped to two included carabiners or hung from notches in the balance’s arms.


  • Outdoor balance
  • 2 metal pails
  • 2 double gated s-biners
  • Assembly and installation instructions

Caution: Children and adults should not hang from the balance. Do not leave standing water in pails.

This product requires assembly.

ECERS: 22. Nature/Science, 23. Math Materials, 24. Math in Daily Events
FCCERS : 20. Nature/Science, 21. Math/Number

Appropriate for ages 3+

Hose off to clean. Pails are made of galvanized steel, can be washed with soapy water and left to air dry.

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