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Outdoor Mobiel Magnet Wall
Outdoor Mobiel Magnet Wall
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Outdoor Mobile Magnet Wall


Our Mobile Magnet Wall is now available in an outdoor version! Durable weather resistant construction makes this piece indispensable for sharing between playgrounds and outdoor learning centers. Locking castors keep it securely in place on any level surface.The Outdoor Mobile Magnet Wall is an interactive play space that highlights slope, momentum, and gravity through hands on experimentation. A wonderful tool for children of any age!

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The Outdoor Mobile Magnet Wall is a unique platform for expanding creative play and learning outdoors. We’ve made it portable so you can create an interactive play space on the playground, in a outdoor science lab, at your entryway, in an atrium, or under a covered patio! Examine slope, cause & effect, momentum and gravity through hands on experimentation! Very few products on the market offer a vertical play space that challenges children to deal with gravity in this way. Children arrange the rings and ramps as they wish to create vertical drop. Depending on the material of choice: balls, water, slurry, or objects from nature, your kids will learn how much slope is needed to move the material down the ramp, through a ring or into a cup. Perfect for supporting STEAM discoveries with toddlers through school-age children! The Outdoor Mobile Magnet wall can be used on both sides, making it a great value for your classroom and an efficient use of space. The brace bar on the backside can also serve as a divider between play spaces for different age groups, or as a guide to line-up items for sequential thought processing. Great with water, too!

The Outdoor Mobile Magnet Wall is made up of:

  • A HDPE Stand with locking castors
  • Two 34″ wide x 44″ tall magnetic metal panels
  • Two tubes and elbows (On either side of the Outdoor Mobile Magnet Wall, for redirecting materials. Add 7″ width per side)

The Magnet Wall Fundamentals Pack is included!

  • 4 magnetic ramps (one 3 ft, one 2 ft, and two 1 ft)
  • 2 non-magnetic ramps (one 3 ft and one 2 ft)
  • 30 weather treated balls (10 2″, 10 1.75″, 10 1.5″)
  • 4 walls
  • 6 rings
  • 4 cups

The Outdoor Mobile Magnet Wall is 72 inches long x 31 inches wide x 51 inches high. This product requires assembly Please note: Removal of the plastic covers from the magnets will not only scratch the Magnet Wall panels but it will also void your warranty! We cannot be responsible for modifications to our products in the field without direct supervision and testing. The Magnet Wall is proudly made in the USA. Appropriate for ages 3+

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