Rainbow Pegs Pack


A collection of 70 translucent acrylic pegs for exploration with light and color.

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Beautiful translucent acrylic pegs for exploration and construction with light and color. Ten pegs in 7 colors to arrange, count, stack, and combine with light as construction materials. Use this pack as an addition to Kodo’s Rainbow Peg Board, Light Lab Rainbow Pegboard or your own light table. Nice on their own in front of a sunny window.


  • 70 Acrylic 3/4″ diameter pegs approximately 2 3/4″ long (Length will vary slightly)
    • 10 Clear
    • 10 Red
    • 10 Pink
    • 10 Yellow
    • 10 Blue
    • 10 Green
    • 10 Purple
  • 1 Canvas Storage Bag

Appropriate for ages 2+

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