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Rubber Ramp with Sandbags


This flexible Rubber Ramp will keep children entertained for hours! Use stackable stands to build hills and slopes around an entire room. A great STEM activity!

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The Rubber Ramp is a 25 foot long piece of flexible ramp which allows children to explore the manipulation of a continuous line, and to experiment with elevation change in relation to a start and ending point. Use the stackable stands to create hills, slopes, or banks around an entire room! Children will be intrigued for hours by this open ended, enriching activity, all while exploring Newton’s Third Law of Motion. A great STEM activity!

Rubber Ramp with Sandbags Includes:
25′ section of ramp, 30 small sandbags with ties, 20 large sandbags with ties, 10 wooden balls (5 – 2″ balls and 5 – 1.75″ balls).
* Sandbags come unfilled.

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