Sensory Stackers


As toddlers attempt to place the texture rings onto one of the wooden Sensory Stacker stands, they explore spatial relationships and develop dexterity. Comes with storage accessories.

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Sensory Stackers are a comprehensive introduction to learning about an object’s physical properties. The beautifully crafted high quality rings come in a variety of unique sensory textures with varying tactile qualities – from a hard wood to soft fabric! The wooden stand further develops dexterity and hand-eye coordination with the challenge of placing each ring.

Small Set Includes

  • 6 rings made from different materials: wood, cloth, twine.
  • 1 wooden stand.

Full Set Includes

  • 30 rings made from different materials: wood, cloth, plastic, twine, beads and many more.
  • 3 Wooden stands
  • Wicker Basket for Storage

Appropriate for 18 months +


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