Water Canvas


Water canvas is an evolving canvas for mess free works of art! Paint your works of art with water and see the shapes turn black – then back to white as it dries!

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Water Canvas lets little artists explore their creative abilities on a canvas that is constantly changing as it dries. Children can stamp shapes, paint with brushes, use their hands, or test out a tool of their choice to see what types of splatters and patterns can be made! Many children enjoy filling the whole canvas with water to see it all turn a solid black, and then back to white as it dries. Cut up your roll of water canvas to fit on your easel, table, or give each child their own miniature canvas!


  • 5 yards of water canvas.
  • 4 – One Inch Foam Brushes

Water Canvas is an expendable product. You will get multiple uses from a sheet, but it will need to be replenished along with your other art supplies.

Your water canvas will arrive rolled, so no creases will be visible upon arrival! We do not recommend using any other substances than water. Water is to be used only on the white side of the sheet.