Sand and Water Play Kits - Kodo Kids

The Kodo Sand + Water Kits

Sensory Wonder

These unique sensory tools are designed to foster logic and reasoning, number concepts, measurement, and earth science objectives.

As children enthusiastically inspect, mix, pour, poke, sift, combine, fill, and explore they gain first-hand knowledge and develop innumerable life-long learning skills.

Kodo Kids

Kodo Kids

Kodo Sand + Water Kits

With tools and materials that are irresistible to children your Sand and Water area will be in high demand. Materials in these kits have been selected for their mass appeal and support fine motor and cognitive skills. Choose from Basic or Comprehensive to suit your space and needs.

Kodo Sand + Water Basic Kit

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Kodo Sand + Water Comprehensive Kit

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What’s Included:

Basic Kit

  • Funnel Stand
  • Small Scoops
  • Jurassic Sand, 47lbs
  • Jurassic Sifter Scoops
  • Sensory Bin with Lid 

Comprehensive Kit

All items in the Basic Kit PLUS

  • Sift & Sort
  • Farm Canisters
  • Sphere Ice Molds
  • Cube Ice Molds
  • Sensory Bin with Lid
  • Metal Sand Sifters
  • Whisks
    Why Kodo? Invite curiosity and wonder, foster scientific thinking