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Wooden Loose Parts Kit

Item# 109021

A comprehensive collection of wooden loose parts and storage bags. Perfect for open-ended small construction and dramatic play!

Price as configured: $300.00
  • Wooden Loose Parts Kit
  • Wooden Rings
  • Wooden Spools
  • Building Boards
  • Wooden Clothespins
  • Fabric Bags
  • Wooden People
  • Wooden Cubes
  • Split Balls
  • Wooden Biscuits
  • Canvas Bag
The Wooden Loose Parts Kit was developed to support children’s small scale building, mathematics, and dramatic play experiences. While at play with the materials in this kit, children will be engaged with engineering, design , and story building exploration. As children arrange and combine the materials to create tabletop structures or use them as play props, learning connections to real world objects and professions will be made.

People Pack: 30 Wooden “People” in 3 Sizes with Canvas Storage Bag
Wooden Clothespins: 30 Wooden Clothespins with Canvas Storage Bag
Split Balls Pack: 30 Wooden Split Balls in 3 Sizes with Canvas Storage Bag
Rings Pack: 30 Wooden Rings in 3 Sizes with Canvas Storage Bag
Spools Pack: 30 Wooden Spools in 3 Sizes with Canvas Storage Bag
Cubes Pack: 30 Wooden Cubes in 3 Sizes with Canvas Storage Bag
Building Boards: 10 Rectangular Wood Boards, 6”x8”, 1/2”-3/4” Thick
Wood Biscuits: Pack of 10 Circular Wood Biscuits
Set of 4 Fabric Bags
Teaching Guide

Appropriate for ages 3+

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