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Chord Cubes Guitar Blocks

Item# 308186

Nine cubes with 54 chord diagrams – Major, Minor, and Dominant 7th chords in open and barre configurations plus the associated sharps and flats.


  • Kodo Kids Chord Cubesâ„¢ Guitar Blocks
This set of Uncle Goose Chord Cubes for the guitar will give children all the benefits of fine and gross motor coordination from block play plus 54 guitar chords at their fingertips! A single “v-tray” block stand helps avoid painful neck strain by creating the optimal chord viewing angle while learning to play.

Appropriate for ages 2+

9 - 1.75 Inch Michigan Basswood Cubes
Printed Using Child-safe Inks
Handmade In The USA
Ages 2+
Expand Your Play with Chord Cubes Guitar Blocks

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