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The Kodo Discovery Kits

Problem Solving

Open-ended materials cause children to ask questions, seek out information, and test solutions to the problems that arise during the course of play.

Using these materials in your Discovery area results in authentic opportunities for teachers to support children’s growing knowledge and skills.

Kodo Kids

Developing a scientific disposition toward learning comes naturally with materials and equipment that foster curiosity and exploration. Choose from Basic or Comprehensive to suit your space and needs.

Kodo Discovery Basic Kit

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Kodo Discovery Comprehensive Kit

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What’s Included:

Basic Kit

  • Marble Rubber Ramp
  • Activity Tray
  • Wooden Tubes
  • Natural Shape Viewers
  • Animal Habitat Matching Tiles
  • Insect X-rays
  • Garden Hand Tools
  • Fabric Bags
  • Natural Flower Trays
  • Environment Blocks- Garden Set

Comprehensive Kit

All items in the Basic Kit PLUS

  • Animal X-rays
  • Environment Blocks – Desert
  • Environment Blocks – Swamp
  • Gem Spinner
  • Endless Pattern Tiles
  • Mini Wooden Bowls
  • Light Lab Panel
  • Canvas Storage Bag
  • Yellow Pegs 10 Pack
  • Red Pegs 10 Pack
  • Purple Pegs 10 Pack
  • Blue Pegs 10 Pack
  • Green Pegs 10 Pack
  • Orange Pegs 10 Pack
Kodo Kids