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The Kodo Art Kits

Creative Expression

Designing, creating, and representing ideas are ever present in an early childhood classroom.

The Kodo Art Kits are designed to nurture children’s creative expression, abstract thinking, and pre-literacy skill development.

Kodo Kids

Kodo Kids
These beautiful material collections feature unique tools like the Chalk Spinner and Sand Tray. Each has been expertly designed by educators to nurture creativity, communication, writing, drawing, and fine motor muscle development. Choose from Basic or Comprehensive to suit your space and needs.

Kodo Art Basic Kit

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Kodo Art Comprehensive Kit

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What’s Included:

Basic Kit

  • Sand Tray
  • Sand Tray Mirror
  • Sand Tray Light Panel
  • Sand Writer
  • Patterned Rolling Pins

Comprehensive Kit

All items in the Basic Kit PLUS

  • Activity Tray
  • Chalk Spinner
  • Chalk Spinner Cover
  • Color Chalk,12 boxes
  • Mirrored Shape Set
  • Discovery Boards
  • Water Canvas
  • Slate Tablet


Why Kodo? Support communication skills, invite mathematical thinking