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The Kodo Toys + Games Kits

Play, Think, Learn

Designed for individuals, pairs, and small groups, Kodo’s Toys and Games manipulatives are perfect for children to use on their own or with an adult’s instructional support.

As children arrange, order, factor, manipulate, and construct; they demonstrate their knowledge and new practice skills.

Kodo Kids

Toys and Games collections have been expertly designed by educators and are intentionally crafted to stimulate the senses. Tabletop construction parts, puzzles, games, and tools for balancing, measuring, sorting, and graphing promote a wide range of developing concepts and emerging skills. Choose from Basic or Comprehensive to suit your space and needs.

Kodo Toys + Games Basic Kit

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Kodo Toys + Games Comprehensive Kit

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What’s Included:

Basic Kit

  • Balance
  • Wooden Loose Parts Kit
  • Gemstone Matching Tiles


Comprehensive Kit

All items in the Basic Kit PLUS

  • Geometric Puzzle Set
  • Lids Set
  • Sorting Trays
  • Experimental Seesaw
  • Animal Coverings Matching Tiles
  • Wool Balls Color Sorting Set
  • Fabric Bowls Set


Why Kodo? Support communication skills, invite mathematical thinking