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Light Lab Panel

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The only light panel that allows direct physical control of color mixing - adjust the amounts of red, blue, and green for infinite color combinations. Includes Light Lab Panel and one screen protector.

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  • Kodo Kids Light Lab Panel
  • Kodo Kids Light Lab Panel
  • Kodo Kids Light Lab Panel
The Light Lab Panel offers children the opportunity to manipulate color, hue, and intensity. By turning the dials and adding or subtracting degrees of red, green, and blue light, it can produce countless shades of colors.

The Light Lab encourages investigation of the fundamental element of light. Children will naturally engage in dramatic play, construction, problem solving, and more as they immerse themselves in exploration.

Includes the Light Lab panel and one Light Lab Panel screen protector. The panel can be used on the floor, on a table, or on top of our Light Lab Storage Pod for the perfect preschool height!

Dimensions: 1.75” by 29.75” by 27.25”
Material: Russian Birch Frame, Aluminum knobs, galvanized steel plates
Weight: 10 lbs
Super bright LED panel
10,000 hour bulb life

Caution : Keep away from moisture. Do not use wet materials on the surface of the light lab.

Kodo's Standard Warranty for the Light Lab Panel is 1 year from date of purchase.
Kodo’s warranty covers repairs due to manufacturers defects or workmanship. The warranty is voided from any use deemed excessive by Kodo. Examples of excessive use include, but is not limited to: Anyone standing on the Light Lab Panel, Being used with or submerged in water/liquids, Making any modifications or repairs to any part of the Light Lab panel without approval from Kodo.

Extended Warranty - $35 for 3 year warranty. Must be purchased within 30 days of Light Lab Panel purchase