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The Conveyor is a kid-powered kinetic machine. Kids crank the handle to move the belt and immediately see results of their effort. Designed to get your children thinking about mechanics and moving parts.

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Children are intrigued by the properties of various materials as they move along the belt. As they crank the handle certain shaped objects move while others just roll in place. Turn the handle in one direction, the belt moves to the right, turn in the other direction and the belt moves to the left, how curious! Child powered motion equals hands-on learning. Place a bucket at the end or two Conveyors back to back for an engaging objective driven experience.

Adults know that the conveyor revolutionized the manufacture of mass produced goods. Now it’s going to revolutionize systems thinking in your classroom! For children the Conveyor is simply awesome!

Assembled, the Conveyor is 48 inches long x 24 inches wide x 12 inches tall.
This product requires assembly.

Perfect in your Discovery Center, Makerspace, Block Area or STEM lab!

Appropriate for ages 2+

From The Classroom:

  • Use the Conveyor to move balls, blocks, even a classmate! (Okay, yes, we’re joking and don’t recommend that children ride on it, but if they do, it is strong enough to hold them! We know – we’ve tried it!)
  • Move small toys along the belt until they drop into a basket – Think of how fun clean up will be!!
  • Use as a part of a ramp system.
  • Combine with other large materials such as laundry baskets, jump ropes, playground balls, buckets and pulleys to design and construct a large chain reaction machine.
  • The physical foundational concept of the Conveyor is the translation of motion from circular hand cranking to linear belt movement. How does the energy put into cranking the handle make the belt move?

Adults know that conveyors were pivotal to growth of the Industrial Revolution. In fact many believe this to be humankind’s most significant tool of the modern age. In the school-age classroom the conveyor is perfect to support a social study of inventors, industry in the 1800’s, and in particular, Henry Ford’s factory.

Children’s Books:

  • Because a Little Bug Went Kachoo by Rosetta Stone (really Dr. Suess)
  • What Is A Pulley? by Lloyd G. Douglas
  • Now and Ben:The Modern Inventions of Benjamin Franklin by Gene Barretta
  • Neo Leo: The Ageless Ideas of Leonardo da Vinci by Gene Barretta

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