Discovery Ramps Deluxe Set with Caddy


The Discovery Ramps Deluxe Set includes a single set of ramps, a specially designed ramp holder, and all the basic parts you’ll need to introduce a ramp area in your classroom! This loose parts set will complement your existing block and construction center and add complexity to children’s play with physics and engineering.

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With it’s small footprint, The Discovery Ramps Deluxe Set provides an aesthetic way to display and store your ramps and balls. The ramp holder includes tubes that children can use as loose parts within their systems. When they’re ready to tidy up, children can put the parts back in place easily on their own. We’ve included two storage bags for holding balls and a set of our exclusive deflectors. These are used to cause balls to change direction when placed at the end of a ramp path and are a favorite accessory of young children. .

Whether you have preschoolers or school age children, the Discovery Ramps Deluxe Set will add interest and inspire investigation in your learning environment. Explore STEM concepts such as force and motion, discover the physics of inclined planes, and tinker with design and problem solving.

We’ve included:

  • 1 single set of Discovery Ramps:
    • Four 3 Ft. Ramps
    • Six 2 Ft. Ramps
    • Four 1 Ft. Ramps
    • Thirty Wooden Balls
    • Two 6” Tubes
    • One 12” Tube
  • Ramp Caddy: a portable ramp storage solution. Includes removable tubes for play! Caddy (requires assembly)
    • One gallon fabric bag
    • 4″ x 7″ tube
    • 4″ x 11″ tube
    • 4″ x 16″ tube
    • 6″ x 8″ tube
  • A set of 4 Ball Deflectors: Rubber band ball deflection devices. A great addition that adds another element of experimentation.
  • 2 Fabric Ball Storage Bags: highly durable black fabric bags great for catching and storing balls.

Appropriate for ages 3+

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