Experimental Seesaw


If you love our Kodo Balance for use with small materials and grains, you’ll love it’s new companion. The Experimental Seesaw is perfect for balancing blocks and other large materials.

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The Experimental Seesaw encourages fine motor skills and supports kinesthetic knowledge of the concept of “balance”. How many building bricks can be placed without slipping? How must they be arranged to keep the seesaw in balance? This tool helps children reason, count, make predictions, and draw conclusion. Use with any small building bricks, figures, or loose parts you have on hand.

As a companion to the Kodo Balance, the Experimental Seesaw trains the physical knowledge of bigger building components using a different balancing mechanism for comparison.

Made of beech multiplex, lacquered, approx. 17″ x 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
Does not include any decorative accessories.

Appropriate for ages 3+