Fossil Blocks


See and feel 32 fossils while stacking and arranging this 16 piece block set.

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Beautifully designed and crafted by Uncle Goose, this very unique set of see and feel fossil blocks is sure to spark curiosity and fuel investigation in your classroom. Two debossed sides show fossil illustrations. Four printed sides feature the fossil place, time period, era, and rock layer. Perfect for the classroom science area.

16 – 1.75 Inch Michigan Basswood Cubes
Printed Using Child-safe Inks
Handmade In The USA

Open-ended building tools such as blocks serve a variety of purposes in the classroom. Blocks encourage children to build, stack, and arrange in many ways. Kodo’s curated collections of Uncle Goose Blocks also support language and literacy development through letter shapes, illustrations, words, and symbols.

Appropriate for ages 2+

Expand Your Play

Swipe carousel to the left or to the right while holding your finger on the display.