Magnet Wall Wooden Gears


This accessory pack for the Magnet Wall provides children the opportunity to explore systems, spinning, and how size and number of gear teeth effects speed.

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This set of five magnetic wooden gears encourages children to play and explore the relationships of gear size, order, direction, and how the number of teeth of effects speed of gear rotation. Adults have opportunity to help children make real world connections to clockworks, pulley mechanisms, and systems in general.

Includes: one each of the following gears

  • 1 Spoke Gear 5 7/8″
  • 2 Spoke Gear 6 1/2″
  • 3 Spoke Gear 7 1/2″
  • 4 Spoke Gear 8 3/4″
  • 5 Spoke Gear 10″

Appropriate for ages 3+

DO NOT remove the plastic magnet covers. Doing so will cause the magnets to scratch the surface of your Magnet Wall, voiding its warranty.

To clean the wooden surfaces, wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals. Do not submerge in water.