Sensory Bin with Lids


Sensory Bins with Lids are indispensable tools for storage and play.

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Put these high quality sensory/storage bins to work all over your learning environment. Use them to: store materials and loose parts, fill with sand/water and tools, flip them over and use a temporary block platform, keep materials for rotation neatly tucked away, trap balls and rolling items at the end of ramp courses, give the baby dolls a bubble bath, and that’s just the beginning! Each of these indispensable bins comes with a loose fitting lid that can double as a tray.

Choose from:

  • 3″ deep Sensory Bins with Lids in two sizes 18″x12″x3″, 18″x26″x3″
  • 6″ deep Sensory Bins with Lids in two sizes 18″x21″x6″, 18″x26″x6″
  • 9″ deep 18″x12″x 9″ Sensory Bin with Lid.

Adult supervision required at all times when using water and other liquids.

Appropriate for 18 months +

Store indoors and out of the elements when not in use. Clean with soapy water and thoroughly dry.