Small Rainbow Wool Balls Set


This set of 20 small wool balls includes a colorful rainbow design that adds visual interest when watching the ball roll across the floor or down a ramp.

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This set of 20 adds variety to your classroom ball collection. These vibrant wool balls offer children opportunity to see the concentric movement of the ball as it rolls or spins. Use with our Discovery or Rubber Ramps Sets, or your own ramps and large tubes. Their interesting texture makes them appealing to the touch. Use them for supporting many math concepts, such as sorting, ordering, classifying, patterning, and counting. Due to the nature of natural dyes colors may vary.


  • 20 Rainbow Balls. Ball Diameter 1 inch

Appropriate for ages 3+


Wool toys may be spot cleaned or hand washed using mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry. Some shrinkage may occur. Due to the nature of natural dyes colors may vary and may fade over time.

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