Wood Play Clips


This set of four beautiful Wood Play Clips is one of our favorite Kodo finds! Perfect for construction with fabric and soft materials.

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Constructed of sustainable maple and cherry, the Wood Play Clips are sized just perfectly for children’s hands. Each is created from cabinet maker’s scraps that were intended for the landfill. At Kodo we appreciate this manufacturer’s choice to upcycle! Every play clip is beautifully finished with natural beeswax and have universal appeal for both children and adults. Easy to use and indispensable for building fabric forts, tents, and caves! Children of all ages love to use them to secure fabric squares around themselves or around their friends, creating dresses, capes, and disguises. Great for building fine motor skills and promoting an environment where children’s autonomy is valued.


  • Four clips and extra rubber bands.

If you need more rubber bands in the future, sweet talk your local grocer into giving you some broccoli rubber bands – they work really well!

As with all natural wood products, no two are exactly the same shade, as colors and wood grain will vary. We recommend cleaning with damp cloth, do not use harsh chemicals. Wood Play Clips are responsibly made in the U.S.A. using sustainable maple and cherry.

ECERS: 17. Fine Motor, 21. Dramatic Play, 34. Free Play
FCCERS : 15. Fine Motor, 19. Dramatic Play, 32. Free Play

Appropriate for ages 3+