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Sandbags - Small

Item# 250005

Sandbags, the multi-use building block!


  • Kodo Kids Mini Sandbags
  • Kodo Kids Mini Sandbags Outdoor Play
  • Kodo Kids Mini Sandbags
  • Kodo Kids Mini Sandbags Experiential Learning
  • Kodo Kids Mini Sandbags Outdoor Classroom
  • Kodo Kids Mini Sandbags for Open Ended Play
Blocks are an essential element of early childhood, but perhaps its time to change it up a bit!

Sandbags are unlike any common construction tool. A departure from wood blocks, the shape of a sandbag is only constrained by their flexible sleeve. In response, building with Sandbags causes children to rethink their construction techniques and learn new methods to create their masterpieces. It's a new take on spatial awareness!
Use them outside in the sand, inside in the block area, or for imaginative play. Sandbags are dynamic enough to be used everywhere in the classroom.

Bags come in two sizes- our Mini's are about the size of a cucumber when filled (2" x 6"), and our Not-So-Minis are about the size of a spaghetti squash when filled (about 6" x 10"). Bags arrive fastened on one end, so children can help fill them with sand. Once filled, simply fasten the other end and unleash the imagination! Note: bags start out white and turn a beautiful golden brown with use. ;-)
30 Mini's
20 Not-So-Mini's