KodoLogoTagIncluding books in every day play is beneficial for both the associated literary skills and as a supplemental resource to many important teaching topics. At Kodo, we use books to help reinforce ideas about construction and engineering, wind science, systems thinking, physics, light and shadow play, sand and water sensory play, grinding tools, and studio art!

When used in tandem, STEM based books and hands on tools can provide an unmatched learning experience for preschoolers. Ideas presented through different mediums create a deeper understanding for learners of all kinds!

This book list was curated by Diane Spahn, Kodo’s Early Childhood Education Specialist.

button preschool books

Preschool Books we Recommend that Support Construction and Engineering

These books support play with…

balance preschool books


timber stackers preschool books

Timber Stackers

magnet wall preschool books

The Magnet Wall

table towers preschool books

Table Towers








1.) Build It Up and Knock It Down preschool booksBuild It Up and Knock It Down

by Tom Hunter



When I Build With Blocks preschool books

2.) When I Build With Blocks

by Niki Alling



Changes Changes preschool books3.) Changes, Changes

by Pat Hutchins



Rosie Revere, Engineer preschool books

4.) Rosie Revere, Engineer

by Andrea Beaty



Iggy Peck, Architect preschool books5.) Iggy Peck, Architect

by Andrea Beaty



What Do You Do With An Idea preschool books6.) What Do You Do With An Idea

by Kobi Yamada



The Wonderful Towers of Watts preschool books7.) The Wonderful Towers of Watts

by Patricia Zelver



Balances preschool books8.) Balances

by Adele D. Richardson



Bridges Are To Cross preschool books9.) Bridges Are To Cross

by Philemon Sturges



The Teeter-Totter preschool books10.) The Teeter-Totter

by Joy Cowley



Pop’s Bridge preschool books11.) Pop’s Bridge

by Eve Bunting



Roxaboxen preschool books12.) Roxaboxen

by Alice McClerran



Architecture Shapes preschool books13.) Architecture Shapes

by Michael J. Crosbie



The Little House preschool books14.) The Little House

by Virginia Lee Burton



How A House Is Built preschool books15.) How A House Is Built

by Gail Gibbons



Building A House preschool books16.) Building A House

by Byron Barton



Preschool Books we Recommend that Support Wind Science

These books support play with…

flight lab preschool books

The Flight Lab

play silks preschool books

Play Silks

silk parachute preschool books

Silk Parachutes

wind tunnel preschool books

The Wind Tunnel








The Wind Blew preschool books17.) The Wind Blew

by Pat Hutching



Like A Windy Day preschool books18.) Like A Windy Day

by Frank Asch



I Face The Wind preschool books19.) I Face The Wind

by Vicki Cobb



The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore preschool books20.) The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

by William Joyce



A Frog Thing preschool books21.) A Frog Thing

by Eric Drachman



Preschool Books we Recommend to Support Systems Thinking

These books support play with…

conveyor preschool books



Discovery Ramps

magnet wall 2 preschool books

The Magnet Wall

outdoor ramps preschool books

Outdoor Ramps








Because a Little Bug Went Kachoo preschool books22.) Because a Little Bug Went Kachoo

by Rosetta Stone (really Dr. Seuss)



Going Places preschool books23.) Going Places

by Peter and Paul Reynolds



Ruby Goldberg’s Bright Idea preschool books24.) Ruby Goldberg’s Bright Idea

by Anna Humphrey



What Is A Pulley preschool books25.) What Is A Pulley

by Lloyd G. Douglas



Henry Ford Big Wheel in the Auto Industry preschool books26.) Henry Ford: Big Wheel in the Auto Industry

by Mike Venezia

Preschool Books we Recommend to Support Play with Physics

These books support play with…

rubber ramp preschool books

Rubber Ramp

teeter totter ramps preschool books

Teeter Totter Ramps

toddler ball run preschool books

Toddler Ball Run

The Wind Tunnel preschool books

The Wind Tunnel








Move It Motion, Forces and You preschool books27.) Move It: Motion, Forces and You

by Adrienne Mason



Roll, Slope and Slide preschool books28.) Roll, Slope and Slide: A Book About Ramps

by Michael Dahl



Forces Make Things Move preschool books29.) Forces Make Things Move

by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley



Newton and Me preschool books30.) Newton and Me

by Lynne Mayer



Mama Zooms preschool books31.) Mama Zooms

by Jane Cowen-Fletcher



Inclined Planes to the Rescue preschool books32.) Inclined Planes to the Rescue

by S. Thales



Rolling Rose preschool books33.) Rolling Rose

by James Stevenson



Motion Push, Pull, Fast And Slow preschool books34.) Motion: Push, Pull, Fast And Slow

by Darlene R. Stille



Preschool Books we Recommend to Support Light and Shadow Play

These books support play with…

discovery boards preschool books

Discovery Boards

light lab preschool books

The Light Lab

marble light board preschool books

Marble Light Board

spectrum light lab preschool books

Spectrum Light Lab








All About Light preschool books35.) All About Light

by Lisa Trumbauer



Light and Color preschool books36.) Light and Color

by Peter Riley



Pantone Colors preschool books37.) Pantone Colors

by Pantone



What is A Scientist preschool books38.) What is A Scientist

by Barbara Lehn



All The Colors Of The Earth preschool books39.) All The Colors Of The Earth

by Sheila Hamanaka



The Black Book Of Colors preschool books40.) The Black Book Of Colors

by Menena Cottin



The Rainbow Gobin preschool books41.) The Rainbow Goblin

by Ul De Rico



The White Goblin preschool books42.) The White Goblin

by Ul De Rico



The Rainbow Book preschool books43.) The Rainbow Book

by Kate Ohrt



Oscar And The Moth preschool books44.) Oscar And The Moth

by Geoff Waring



Light Shadow, Mirrors, and Rainbows preschool books45.) Light: Shadow, Mirrors, and Rainbows

by Natalie M. Rosinsky




The Moon Book preschool books46.) The Moon Book

by Gail Gibbons



Preschool Books we Recommend to Support Sand and Water Sensory Play

These books support play with…

outdoor funnel stand preschool books

Outdoor Funnel Stand

pump works preschool books

Pump Works

sift and sort preschool books

Sift and Sort

toddler funnel stand preschool books

Toddler Funnel Stand








A River Ran Wild preschool books47.) A River Ran Wild

by Lynne Cherry



A Handful Of Dirt preschool books48.) A Handful Of Dirt

by Raymond




Jump Into Science Sand preschool books49.) Jump Into Science: Sand

by Ellen Prager




First Nature Encyclopedia preschool books50.) First Nature Encyclopedia

by DK Publishing



Messing Around With Water Pumps and Siphons preschool books51.) Messing Around With Water Pumps and Siphons

by Bernie Zubrowski




Sail Away preschool books52.) Sail Away

by Donald Crews



All the Water in the World preschool books53.) All the Water in the World

by George Ella Lyon



Water Dance preschool books54.) Water Dance

by Thomas Locker



The Sandcastle Contest preschool books55.) The Sandcastle Contest

by Robert Munsch



Different Kinds of Soil preschool books56.) Different Kinds of Soil

by Molly Aloian



Preschool Books we Recommend to Support Grinding Table Play

These books support play with…

grinder preschool books


grinding table preschool books

Grinding Table

mortar and pestle preschool books

Mortar and Pestle

sensory preschool books

Sensory Materials








Bread, Bread, Bread preschool books57.) Bread, Bread, Bread

by Ann Morris



Bread Comes To Life A Garden Of Wheat preschool books58.) Bread Comes To Life: A Garden Of Wheat

by George Levenson



See Inside How Things Work preschool books59.) See Inside How Things Work

by Conrad Mason



Mr. Santizo’s Tasty Treats preschool books60.) Mr. Santizo’s Tasty Treats

by Alice Flanagan



Everybody Bakes Bread preschool books61.) Everybody Bakes Bread

by Norah Dooley and Peter Thornton



Grains To Bread preschool books62.) Grains To Bread

by Inez Snyder



Preschool Books we Recommend to Support Studio Art

These books support play with…


The Activity Tray

chalk spinner preschool books

The Chalk Spinner

slate tablet preschool books

Slate Tablet

toddler art table preschool books

Toddler Art Table








Chalk preschool books63.) Chalk

by Bill Thomson



Happy preschool books64.) Happy

by Mies Van Hout



A Piece Of Chalk preschool books65.) A Piece Of Chalk

by Jennifer A. Ericsson



Andy Warhol’s Colors preschool books66.) Andy Warhol’s Colors

by Susan Goldman Rubin


button preschool books