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This kit of foundational Kodo original and curated materials is a great way to infuse your classroom with exceptionally designed learning tools that invite imagination, invention, and investigation. It’s our core collection for play-based programs and those implementing the Creative Curriculum® or the Teaching Strategies Gold® assessment tool.

It includes a range of resources for educators, including alignments to ODLs, correlations to Creative Curriculum studies, and free access to a 30-minute virtual training course on implementing open-ended materials.

The Kodo Kit for Teaching Strategies classroom viewer

3D CLASSROOM VIEWER: Want to see the Kodo Kit for Teaching Strategies in a preschool setting? Check out our Virtual Classroom to see how Kodo Educators implement the materials in their environment.

The Kodo Kit for Teaching Strategies

Kodo and Teaching Strategies have collaborated to bring you this collection of exceptional open-ended classroom tools.

The Kodo Kit for Teaching Strategies®

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What’s Included:

  • All Purpose Ramps Set

  • Antics Blocks

  • Building Sticks

  • Count & Thread Stones

  • Harlekino

  • Makedo Tools

  • Marble Maze Ramps

  • Rainbow Pegboard

  • See Inside Pipe

  • Small Funnel Stand

  • Stackable Pans

  • Treasure Tubes

  • Tunnel Set

  • Water Canvas

  • Wheels Set

  • Wooden Balls

Why Kodo? Increase engagement and activate hands-on learning.