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This kit of foundational Kodo original and curated materials is a great way to infuse your classroom with exceptionally designed learning tools that invite imagination, invention, and investigation. It’s our core collection for play-based programs and those implementing the Creative Curriculum® or the Teaching Strategies Gold® assessment tool.

It includes a range of resources for educators, including alignments to ODLs, correlations to Creative Curriculum studies, and free access to a 30-minute virtual training course on implementing open-ended materials.

The Kodo Kit for Teaching Strategies

Kodo and Teaching Strategies have collaborated to bring you this collection of exceptional open-ended classroom tools.

The Kodo Kit for Teaching Strategies®

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What’s Included:

  • All Purpose Ramps Set


  • Antics Blocks


  • Building Sticks


  • Count & Thread Stones


  • Harlekino


  • Makedo Tools


  • Marble Maze Ramps


  • Rainbow Pegboard


  • See Inside Pipe


  • Small Funnel Stand


  • Stackable Pans


  • Treasure Tubes


  • Tunnel Set


  • Water Canvas


  • Wheels Set


  • Wooden Balls


Why Kodo? Increase engagement and activate hands-on learning.