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Wiffle Balls

Item# 253080

This set of 20 Original Wiffle Balls (10 small and 10 large) are a perfect addition to your space - offering contrasting weight, shape, and applications from other balls!


  • Wiffle Balls from Kodo Kids
  • Wiffle Balls from Kodo Kids
Wiffle Balls are an excellent addition to your learning environment due to their open-ended and lightweight nature! These Original Wiffle Balls are an especially good roller for use on our Outdoor Ramps, as children can compare and contrast weight as one means of exploring mathematical and scientific concepts.

But applications don't end there! In addition to using in your ramp and construction areas, use these durable balls in your sensory table. Get them wet, use them with slurry or mud - and try them along with our Pump Works for a fun water play activity!

Comes as a set of 20 balls - 10 small and 10 large.

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