Early childhood tools for investigation and discovery.

Light Laboratory

Item# 102000

Includes the Light Lab Panel, Messy Material Tray, Weaving Ring, Marble Board, Marbles, Drawing Board, Screen Protectors, and Storage Pod.

Shipping in August


  • Light Lab Drawing Board
  • Light Lab Marble Board
  • Light Lab Panel, Storage Pod, Weaving Ring, Marble Board, Drawing Board, and Messy Tray
  • Light Lab Messy Tray
  • Light Lab Panel and Storage Pod
  • Light Lab Panel, Storage Pod, Weaving Ring, Marble Board, Drawing Board, and Messy Tray
  • Light Lab Weaving Ring
  • Kodo Kids Light Laboratory
The Light Laboratory offers children the opportunity to manipulate color, hue, and intensity. By turning the dials and adding or subtracting degrees of red, green, and blue light, it can produce countless shades of colors. The Light Lab is engineered to grow with children - toddlers can crawl or sit on the surface, while preschoolers will be inspired to test their color-mixing theories.

The Light Lab encourages investigation of the fundamental element of light. Children will naturally engage in dramatic play, construction, problem solving, and more as they immerse themselves in exploration.


Light Lab Panel
Dimensions: 1.75” by 29.75” by 27.25”
Material: Russian Birch Frame, Aluminum knobs, galvanized steel plates
Weight: 10 lbs
Super bright LED panel
10,000 hour bulb life

Light Lab Storage Pod
Dimensions: 20.125” tall, 31” diameter
Material: Russian birch

Light Lab Weaving Ring
Dimensions: 26.75” diameter assembled, 0.75” tall
Material: Russian birch

Light Lab Drawing Board
Dimensions: 27.125” diameter, 0.5” thick
Material: Clear Polycarbonate

Light Lab Marble Board
Dimensions: 24.1” diameter, 0.25” thick
Material: Black ABS Plastic
Comes with frosted marbles in 6 colors.

Messy Material Tray
Dimensions: 25.25” diameter, 3.25” tall
Material: Clear Polycarbonate

Screen Protectors
Dimensions: 24.5” diameter, 1/16” thick
Material: Clear PET (plastic)