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Mobile Science and Sensory Lab

Item# 101100

This modular system of bins, trays, screens, and tools gives teachers options and children opportunities for learning indoors and out! Engineered to support inquiry, the Mobile Science and Sensory Lab is your materials exploration center, tinker station, mud kitchen, and mobile base camp for indoor and outdoor science investigations.


  • Mobile Science and Sensory Lab
  • Mobile Science and Sensory Lab
  • Mobile Science and Sensory Lab with Toddler Funnel Stand, Water Pitchers and Magnetic Ramp. Each sold separately.
  • Mobile Science and Sensory Lab with Water Pitchers and Farm Canister. Each sold separately.
Sensory exploration is a cornerstone of the EC classroom. The Mobile Science and Sensory Lab re-imagines sensory play and is the only sensory "centerpiece" that allows children to arrange the work surface themselves. It features:
- Two levels for bins and trays encourage children to transfer materials, exploring how they flow and move.
- A magnetic frame makes for attaching Kodo’s magnetic ramps, rings, and more!
- Removable components that are easily combined or removed to suit the exploration.
- Our intentionally design supports responsive teaching practices!

A space filled with sensory-rich experiences invites scientific inquiry, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Foster the growth of these skills by moving the mobile lab to spaces that spark curiosity and support emerging interests. If the day calls for water play, in-depth inspection of ladybugs, or simply messing about, select your tools, fill the bins with materials, and roll the lab out the door!

- Mobile Science and Sensory Lab Base
- 1 Bowl Holder with Stainless Steel Bowl
- 2 Sliding Platforms
- 1 Funnel / Scoop Holder
- 2 3” Deep Sensory Bins with Lids
- 2 6” Deep Sensory Bins with Lids
- 1 9” Deep Sensory Bin with Lid
- 1 Heavy Duty sheet Pan and Screen Set Small
- 1 Heavy Duty Sheet Pan and Screen Set Large
- 2 Large Scoops
- 3 Small Scoops

This product requires assembly.
To clean hose off or use soapy water as an exploration and get the children scrubbing! Bins and trays should be moved indoors when not in use. We designed the lab to be mobile so when harsh weather hits, you can roll it indoors. Do not leave in standing water or below freezing temperatures. Caution: Magnetic frame has a weather resistant coating but can become hot to the touch if left for long periods of time in high temperatures or harsh sunlight. Metal bowls and trays are dishwasher safe.
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