Ice Molds


The Ice Molds set comes as a package of six, two of each of the following ; 2.25″ cubes, 3″ x 2″ cylinders, and 2.5″ spheres.

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The Ice Molds set comes as a package of six.

The ice molds are a great tool for both sensory and construction based investigations. Ice cubes of various shapes work great as a new way to experience block play. Stacking and building gets interesting as the ice melts (or sticks together!), creating different shapes as the play continues! The cold touch and slippery surface incorporates sensory play right along with engineering practice.

You can even add food dye to the water before freezing for some colorful explorations as they melt and mix!


  • 2 2.25″ cubes2
  • 2 3″ x 2″ cylinders
  • 2 2.5″ spheres.