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One of our most popular products! Water is a wonderful way to bring together sensory play and experimentation. Children are fascinated with the physical action of pumping and the gratification of seeing the water flow from the pump as a result their efforts.

Teachers and children love this product so much that it sold out!! We are currently expecting to be able to fulfill orders in about 3 weeks.


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A great water element for indoors our outdoors! This pumping system has many open ended options for the kids. Our package includes a large steel tub, a durable pump, pump mount, and several sections of tube and connectors. The children can build a system of tunnels and pump water through to see the result, or a simple setup can be put together by a teacher for a more controlled water experience.

Guide your children through the discovery process. Avoid explaining the pump, simply set it up and get it working. As they begin to pump, ask questions like “How does moving the handle make water flow?” “Where does that water come from?” Let them discover the not-so-obvious relationship between moving the handle and flowing water.


  • Steel Tub
  • Pump Mount
  • Pump and Intake
  • Cups
  • Funnels
  • 25′ flexible tubing
  • 16 Chutes and connectors

This product requires assembly.

Appropriate for ages 3+

Please note this product requires monthly maintenance to work smoothly.

Need help setting up your pump? Watch out set-up video below:

Are you having any maintenance issue? Watch our troubleshooting video below:

The first photo is the current version. BE SURE to fully empty your pump or keep it inside over the winter so it does not freeze!! Water left inside will crack the pump case if it freezes. Also, like any hand pump, it must be occasionally primed to keep its suction. When tub is filled with water, simply pour water into the water outtake as you vigorously pump. See user guide for details.

NOTE: The 6 screws and 6 PVC semi circles are no longer separate parts and are now attached to the bracket.

Does it need a dedicated water source?
No, just fill it up with a hose or buckets of water. As long as they are pumping the water back into the tub, it will not need a continuous water source.

How to Prime your Pump Works for First Use
Priming will need to occur for first use and if the pump has sat without use for awhile. Priming means getting the suction back in the pump. To do so, just pour water in the outtake (where the water is supposed to come out) while pumping vigorously. You will hear the water flow and start to gain traction.