Using this beautiful wooden balance is a simple way to explore complex topics! Children learn about relative weight, mass, and proportion through play.

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Exploring the balance is truly enriching. It supports your early childhood STEM curriculum, fosters critical thinking and fine motor skills, and is perfect for children ages three and up. Teachers can support advanced concepts by introducing vocabulary and challenging children to balance items on the various pegs. Each peg is a multiple of the next. They have a 4:2:1 relationship; 4 oz on the inner peg= 2 oz on the middle peg = 1 oz on the outer peg. This basic formula offers complexity.

There is a difference between Balanced and Level. When the balance arm comes to rest, the weight has been evenly distributed. The balance arm may not, however, be level. Think of a teeter-totter coming to rest with one side higher than other. The teeter-totter is balanced but not level. We have developed the Balance as a tool for children to play with and experience a concrete model of these concepts. Keep in mind that no two measuring cups are exactly the same weight and wood density within the balance arm can vary. The Kodo Balance is not intended for use as a precision scale.

Designed by Kodo, the Balance is made in the USA of very sturdy, high quality plywood.

The balance is 24 inches by 8 inches and 14 inches high.
This product requires assembly.

ECERS: 17. Fine Motor, 22. Nature/Science, 23. Math Materials

Appropriate for ages 3+

The Balance has been awarded the Global Educator Institute Seal of Endorsement and is by far the best balance you will find for early childhood education, just ask these teachers:

“As soon as I got the balance out of the box, I put it in our STEM lab. I had kids asking if they could use it right away. They had a great time exploring with washers and with other materials. They had deep conversations as to what would make the sides balance and their reasoning behind it.” — Sara C., MN, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

“When we started the unit on measurement I put it in the middle of the room and it generated a great deal of discussion. Students discussed what they thought it could be used for and how they thought it was used. I used it in a whole group setting for a couple of days and then I put it in a center. Students used it and then would discuss what they learned. Students began to realize that you could move the cups and that it would change the outcome. It was a great starting point and I was able to scaffold the learning and deepen their knowledge of weight and the use of the scale. We used the scale everyday during our unit on measurement. Using this product allowed me to be more effective in teaching measurement to my students and allowed my students to deepen their knowledge of the material.” — Aurea J., FL, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

Learn more about the GEI Seal of Endorsement at, our blog and teacher resource site!

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