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Rainbow Pegboard


A children’s sensory tool like no other. Pegs can be added from both sides of the board. Use it as a quiet sensory solo activity or invite a small group to explore color, number, and pattern with stunning results.

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Even a small amount of natural or artificial light will create an illuminated ‘sensory canvas’ on which children can create endless patterns, designs, and images. The solid natural wood birch pegboard slots into feet which allow it to be free-standing on a tabletop, floor, or shelf. Lay it flat for storage or to use horizontally on a light panel. Included are 120 transparent solid acrylic pegs in six bright colors that slide easily into the holes on the board. They’re perfect for developing eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.


  • 19 5/8″ x 19 1/4″ Birch Pegboard, Stands 21 1/4″ tall with 8″ wide feet.
  • Pegboard Feet
  • 120 Acrylic 3/4″ diameter pegs approximately 2 3/4″ long (Length will vary slightly)
    • 20 Red
    • 20 Orange
    • 20 Yellow
    • 20 Blue
    • 20 Green
    • 20 Purple
  • Large Canvas Bag

ITERS: 20. Nature/Science, 21. Math/Number
ECERS: 22. Nature/Science, 23. Math Materials, 24. Math in Daily Events
FCCERS : 20. Nature/Science, 21. Math/Number

Appropriate for ages 2+

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