Toddler Ramp Set


Finally, Ramp play for toddlers! This open-ended set of ramps, balls, and sandbags was designed exclusively for your littlest engineers to use indoors or out!

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The ramps in this set were designed for young children to explore motion, elevation, and construction with open-ended loose parts. Use with balls, water, mud, slurry, natural materials, and toy animals. This set can be paired with our Toddler Ball Run.


  • 4 18″ Ramps
  • 4 9″ Ramps
  • 10 2″ Wood Balls
  • 10 Small Sandbags. Note: Sandbags arrive empty for you to fill with the materials of your choice.

ITERS: 18. Blocks

Appropriate for 18 months +

Wipe ramps clean with a damp cloth and soapy water. Sandbags and balls can be sprayed with sanitizing solution and air dried.

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