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New 2023 Innovations:

Toddler Play Table

Supporting our youngest learners, this table can be used right side up or upside down. An intriguing hole in the center invites interaction and the large reflective stainless steel bowl draws children’s focus. Crawlers love to pull themselves up to see what awaits on the surface.

Shelf-Top Light Panel

This innovative Shelf Top Light Panel turns an ordinary shelving unit into a discovery space! Position it at an upright angle in its frame or remove it from the frame and lay it flat on a shelf or table top. It’s a great small solution for preschool and school age programs!

Magnet Walls

Interactive, open-ended play is the framework for children to predict, communicate, invent, imagine, and problem solve together. Each of our four Magnet Walls provide these opportunities, drawing children to explore and play as they learn foundational STEM concepts.


Children learn an array of topics when they play and experiment with ramps. In the building process children develop coordination, observe cause and effect, and experience the physics of motion all while communicating together and working as a team. Kodo’s portfolio of ramp materials provide teachers with a wide variety of options for their classroom and outdoor spaces.

Light Exploration

Exploring light as a material enhances sensory play, supports preschool and elementary science curricula and is an engaging way to learn pre-literacy, drawing, writing, and math skills. Kodo’s Light Tables and accessories are designed to provoke exploration and investigation, and provide teachers with an engaging classroom tool.

Wind and Flight

Kodo’s Wind Tunnel and Flight Lab were developed to engage children with the physical properties of air.. Play with wind inspires prediction, communication, imagination, and problem-solving. Enjoyed by individuals, pairs, and small groups, children can enjoy independent, parallel, cooperative, and associative play while exploring how objects float and fly.


Draw, write and doodle on the first ever Kodo Innovation, the Chalkspinner. Support literacy skills and inspire new ways of thinking.