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We offer a range of ramp options because we know that play with ramps is as essential to early learning as play with blocks is. These open-ended tools spark action, critical thinking, and collaboration. They lead to conversations and invention. They introduce physical science concepts like elevation, force, motion, and balance. 

Kodo Kids

Discovery Ramps

The perfect addition to a classroom or community space, Discovery Ramps are a wonderful tool young children use to uncover the basics of force and motion. Choose between the single or triple set to suit your group and space. Or choose the Discovery Ramps Deluxe Set with Caddy for easy set-up, mobility, and storage. The Caddy is also available as a separate accessory.

Kodo Kids

Rubber Ramps

Introduce curves to ramp play to explore deeper physics concepts and encourage teamwork, creativity and problem solving. The 25 foot long rubber ramp transforms block play into a roller-coaster of exploration. Lacking floor space? The Marble Rubber Ramp is a perfect solution for small spaces, table tops, or shelves.

Kodo Kids

Toddler Ramps

Supporting our youngest learners, we designed this ramp set specifically for toddlers & twos. Educators use the ramps with children to introduce the very basics of incline, force, and motion. This set of open-ended parts can be used on its own, along with existing blocks, or for sensory play with sand, water, mud, and slurry.

Kodo Kids

Outdoor Ramps

These ramps are designed with outdoor exploration in mind! Use natural materials like water, sand, slurry, pinecones, and twigs to discover flow, force and cause and effect. Choose between Outdoor Ramps with Sandbags or Outdoor Ramps with Stands to establish a learning space that’s both fun and educational. Take the learning one step further with the Teeter Totter Ramps that add balance as a challenging component!

Kodo Kids

Ramp Accessories

Ramp courses can be as complex as children wish them to be by adding tubes, tunnels, and unique parts such as Kodo’s Deflector Set.  From balls and storage solutions to structural add ons, shop our selection of ramp accessories.



Ramp play compels children to practice process skills such as observation, prediction, experimentation, and data interpretation. Additionally you can expect to see progress with collaboration, communication, and create problem-solving.

“My favorite thing about ramp play is the diversity. The kids are always coming up with new ideas and functions for the materials and really have to use problem solving logic to create. I love seeing kids work together, figuring out how to raise a ramp a bit higher, make the ball roll faster, or problem solve why the ball missed its target. It’s just fun!”

Jean Bigham

Teacher, Discovery Point Preschool

Ramps FAQ

How many ramps are recommended per child?
We design ramp sets for multiple children in a classroom learning center setting. For instance our single Discovery Ramp set can easily engage a small group of four to six children. Outdoor Ramps sets are, in general, often paired with tubes, pipes, and natural parts such as rocks and tree stumps. Due to the addition of so many accessories you may already have on hand these sets will accommodate six to eight children working in pairs or small groups. You may find that there is a need for extra balls to satisfy the numbers of children interested in ramps. Use what you have on hand and look to us for a wide variety of options.
Why don't Kodo Ramps have connectors?
Connecting ramps is a common and fundamental problem for children to solve. Connectors may seem like a good thing, but in actuality offering a component like a connector robs a child of an opportunity to think critically and be inventive to find solutions. Encourage children to arrange the ramps in different ways or combine them with other construction materials on hand in order to solve the problem. Help them to test their ideas systematically and eventually they will figure it out. When they do, the satisifaction and benefits of uncovering a problem and solving it will be well worth the time it took!
What ramps should I buy first if I'm working with a limited budget?
Discovery Ramps Single set is a fantastic beginner set for both children and adults in a preschool or school-age program. They are easily integrated into the block or physical science area and simple to use to begin ramp exploration. Choose the Toddler Ramp Set for toddlers and twos or as a multipurpose set that can be used to compliment block play or used with sensory materials for any age group.
How does Ramp Play support my curriculum?
Children experience ramps and inclined planes all the time in their daily experiences. Tie ramp experiences to lessons, investigations, and studies of topics such as the following; inclined planes and simple machines, roads and bridges, buildings, structures, and architecture, systems and parts and wholes, force, motion and gravity, speed, distance, and measurement. Use ramps in the block and construction learning center to support physical science, mathematics, and engineering skill development.