Spiritual moments sometimes happen by chance, but more often, they need to be created.  A Spiritual moment can happen in time, space, nature, in relationship to others, or through big questions.  What they all have in common is that they provide for spiritual engagement that nourish and nurture children’s spiritual development.  Here are a few tips on how to support a child’s spiritual development through spiritual moments in time:

  • Create time in the day to simply be with a child.
  • Encourage quiet time.
  • Offer children time to play alone or with other children without any interruptions.
    • Do not interfere.
    • Do not show the child what to do.
    • Do not suggest to the child to do something different then what they have chosen to do.
    • Do not talk.
  • See a shooting star, watch the moon, sunrise or sunset.
  • Show appreciation and respect when a child repeats something over and over again.
  • Stop and smell the roses.
  • Support a child’s right to have open time to play.
  • Take time to answer children’s questions.
  • Together, look at the shadows cast by the sun.
  • Walk together

Deborah Schein is an experienced and passionate early childhood educator who envisions young children as competent and capable. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s in Education and a doctorate with a focus on spiritual development of young children. Deborah is a trained and certified Montessori Educator, steeped in Reggio Emilia philosophy and has taught young children, college students, and educators since 1972. She has authored and co-authored several books. She currently teachers for Champlain College and continues to write and consultant.

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