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By Gabriella HallKodo Kids


As the summer continues to heat up, cool down with water play!

Water play is not only a fun hands-on exploratory sensory experience, but it also sparks tons of learning. When children engage with water they instantly transform into scientists as they wonder, experiment, and explore the natural world. Water play prompts children to use their senses while they examine math and science concepts and use their language and dramatic play skills to narrate their experiences.

Water is naturally intriguing and instantly captures children’s attention, and luckily it can be integrated in many ways throughout the classroom and outside during outdoor play.


Here are some ideas for water play…

Pouring, Measuring, and Mixing

Add water to the sensory table and offer children various cups, funnels, and different size containers to practice pouring, measuring, and mixing. As students pour and fill all different containers they will explore the concept of volume.

Kodo Kids

Moving Water

Explore how water travels through funnels! Use The Kodo Funnel Stand to observe water as it twists and turns through the narrow holes. Add water to ramp play! If you’re using ramps that can get wet like Kodo’s Toddler Ramp Set or Kodo’s Outdoor Magnet Wall & Ramps, add water to explore how it moves and flows. Make ice cubes using Kodo Ice Molds that can slide down the ramps or combine water with solids to explore how different items roll through water.

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Add Bubbles

Children love bubbles! Add bubbles to the sensory table. Stir up some bubbles using The Kodo Whisk! Children can explore how the more they mix and stir, the more bubbles they can create!

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