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Maker Studio Furniture

Maker Studio Furniture

At Kodo, we recognize the Maker Movement as the way to put STEAM into action!

Maker is a child centered, experiential approach to learning where children apply ingenuity and their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, art, and math to create, invent, and make new materials, contraptions, and solutions. Makers think with their hands using loose parts and ingenuity to create and solve problems. The skills and strategies that children use while making ensure their development of a 21st century growth mindset. Kodo prides itself in the creation of materials and environments that boost children's learning in these areas.

We’re pleased to present our Maker Studio Furniture line. This innovative system of tables, carts, storage, and versatile implements provides variety and customization options for the classroom teacher. Use them individually or in unison to customize an engaging space for STEAM centered 21st century learning.

Introducing Kodo’s Maker Studio Furniture

Our Maker Studio Furniture transforms any space into a makerspace! Fixed and mobile furniture pieces, storage solutions, and deployable tables are all designed with flexibility in mind. You adapt your curriculum to meet children’s needs and now you can adapt the furniture, too. The Kodo design team developed our Maker Studio line to allow you to reshape your makerspace for children as they and their interests grow throughout the year.

Kodo’s Focus On Flexible Design

- Support teaching practice with customizable pieces

- Harmonize spaces using a systems approach

- Offer engaging and versatile work surfaces for children

- Adapt to suit individuals, teams, and groups

- Include options for material presentation and tool storage

- Inspire industry, artistry, craftsmanship, and collaboration

Each individual piece of this furniture system works in conjunction with the others, offering adults and children flexibility to arrange the space as needed. Create an environment in which STEAM thrives with Kodo’s Maker Studio Furniture line.

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Maker Space

The Kodo Makerspace

Kodo’s Makerspace is a package of furniture pieces designed for programs that want to create a dedicated maker area. This collection of furniture includes the Maker Table, Storage Cart, Slat Wall with Storage Elements, and two Saw Horses.

Kodo Maker Table

Maker Table

The Kodo Maker Table is an integral fixture in the classroom as a dedicated Maker area designed to facilitate hands-on creation and exploration. The Kodo Maker Table is the epicenter for Making. A robust and diverse piece of furniture, it offers ample storage, sturdy workspace, and a multitude of options for engaging your youngsters.

Maker Stowaway Cart

Maker Stowaway Cart

Because options are always good, the Stowaway cart provides several different work surfaces, additional storage, and a half height workspace kids love. It lives under the Maker Table and can be pulled out and positioned for additional workspace.

Slat Wall System

Slat Wall System

Wall mounted rack system which is home to a variety of implements such as shelves, tool holders, cup storage, and a unique spool holder. The Slat units can be joined together or split apart offering options in the design of your environment. Whether connected together or dispersed throughout your space the Slat Walls are used for teacher storage as well as a presentation space for materials for your kids.

Mobile Maker Station

Mobile Maker Station

Making is not location specific, so make it mobile! Kodo’s Mobile Maker Station provides flexibility in where and how a Maker session can occur! Sturdy casters allow of easy mobility and the many options of this mobile cart conform to any space.

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