We are experiencing production delays of 4-6 weeks with some materials. Should you need an item by a specified date, please call us at 720.340.2704 or contact [email protected]

Cleaning and sanitizing have always been an important part of the early childhood classroom, but now, it is the ‘hot topic’ when discussing Back to School.

  • How are we going to clean and sanitize everything every hour of the day? 
  • How are we going to ensure that children are playing with clean materials all day long? 
  • What materials can and should remain accessible? 
  • How should the materials be cleaned and sanitized? 

Kodo has many materials that can be easily cleaned and sanitized to ensure children are still able to engage with quality materials that support learning. Some that immediately come to mind: 

No need to eliminate block play. All of our Korxx Blocks sets can be washed with soap and water! In fact, we’ve always encouraged incorporating Korxx Blocks into your sensory experiences. 

There are many materials that are specifically designed for outdoors (or indoors too)! Consider our Rubber Ramps and Black & White Balls for easy to clean materials.

Even though they are labeled as Toddler Ramps, we often use them in our sensory bins with various age groups. These all-purpose ramps are great for any environment due to their smaller size (think storage) and are easy to clean with soap and water!

Did you know that even the Jurassic Sand can be cleaned and sanitized?! Crazy, I know! We have several options to choose from. Take a look at the Care tab on the website for more information.

So, let’s take a look at how easy it is to clean some of Kodo’s materials.

Grab a large container (bucket or storage bin), some soap (Kodo is not affiliated with Palmolive soap, it just was handy), and fill up the bin with water and soap.

Start the ‘spin’ cycle by dumping items like rubber ramps, tunnels, and tubes into the container.

Lastly, lay the materials out to dry and spray with a disinfectant solution. I chose to spray mine down and let them air dry outdoors. Did you know that sunlight is also a natural combatant against many germs?

This school year is going to bring its own challenges, but don’t let cleaning take away from your true passion…teaching! Don’t hesitate to contact us to assist with any cleaning and sanitizing questions.