Tube Set


There are never enough tubes in an early childhood classroom! This set contains various sized tubes and a wooden home for the tubes. Perfect for a sensory table or ramp play.

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This essential Tube Set includes several lengths of rigid white PVC and clear PVC tube, along with a flat wood home for them to live when not in use. A perfect addition to ramp play, block and construction area, or the sensory table.


  • 2 4″tall x 6″ white tubes
  • 2 11″ tall x 4″ white tubes
  • 2 18″ tall x 3″ white tubes
  • 1 24″ tall x 2″ see-inside pipe
  • 2 12″ tall x 2″ see-inside pipe
  • 1 Wooden Base

Appropriate for 18 months +