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See Inside Pipe

Item# 100140

Finally, multi-use translucent pipe! See Inside Pipe is an essential addition to ramp play and construction projects, or a perfect addition to your sand & water or sensory exploration! Children love to see materials flow through the pipe and observe cause & effect.


  • Kodo Kids See Inside Pipe
  • Kodo Kids See Inside Pipe Experiential Learning
  • Kodo Kids See Inside Pipe with Discovery Ramp
  • Kodo Kids See Inside Pipe with Tube Kit
  • Multiple Ball in the Kodo Kids See Inside Pipe
  • See Inside Pipe with Swiss Cheese and Discovery Ramps
Since the beginning of Kodo Kids, we have been on the search for rigid translucent pipe. Yes, you can find it out there on the web but it's always way too expensive and out of financial reach. Well, Kodo Kids is growing up and now we can afford to make translucent pipe ourselves! So here it is!

Our See Inside Pipe set is a great addition for ramps, outdoor play, sensory table or water play! Children will love to see materials flow through and observe cause & effect. Contains a 1', 2' and 3' section of See Inside Pipe. Can be used with 2" PVC plumbing fittings.

Please note this pipe is not crystal clear and is slightly foggy.

Appropriate for 18 months +

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