Color Mixing: A Summer Provocation

Throughout the summer, water play has a big role in the Outdoor Studio. One of the ways I’ve found to defeat the heat and help children stay happy while outdoors is to use water in many, many ways.

Flexible Intention Part III of III

Part III of our III blog series from Elinor Rifkin:

This past week I’ve really enjoyed observing the children and their learning adventure with open-ended materials. I’ve noted the following….

Flexible Intention Part II of III

Part II of our III blog series from Elinor Rifkin:

The oldest children in our school, who are five, love to create and test complex obstacle courses on the lawn area.

Flexible Intention Part I of III

I arrived at school, thinking of the flow of the day. I went to the resource room and stared at the shelves full of loose parts and art materials. My mind filled with questions: “ What material should we manipulate today?……

Fostering Spiritual Moments in Time by Deb Schein

Spiritual moments sometimes happen by chance, but more often, they need to be created. Read our insightful guest blog from Deborah Schein, early childhood educator, author and professor.

Reggio Emilia and “The Environment as the Third Teacher”

At Preschool of the Arts, a Reggio Emilia-inspired early childhood program in Madison, Wisconsin, we often speak of the environment as “a third teacher.” We know that parents or guardians are the child’s first teacher and that early childhood educators are often the next teaching adults to make an impact on a young child’s life.