By: Diane Spahn & Kasey Kile

Refreshing your outdoor spaces by rearranging materials and adding something new is often just as exciting for the adults for your program as it is for the children. It offers entry points to have conversations with children, make observations, and introduce new concepts and vocabulary. The following Kodo materials can be easily washed and contribute to active outdoor learning!

Put a little Kodo in your Outdoor Classroom:

As you get ready to be outdoors more, re-familiarize yourself with some old-fashioned outdoor group games. Remember playing Kitty in the Corner? Simon Says? Red Light Green Light? Most outdoor group games only require a ball or rope, and many do not require tools or equipment at all! All you need is a wee bit of planning and an enthusiastic leader. With the sun shining and those Spring snow showers a thing of the past, we are so grateful to be heading back outdoors and wish the same for each of you. 


Enjoy our downloadable Outdoor Group Games perfect for your pocket!


Join Kodo Kids for our “Engaging Investigation and Learning Outdoors” webinar to explore how nature and inquiry can foster learning. Encourage bringing the outside in and taking the inside out to further children’s engagement and interest in materials, inquiry questions, and new ideas. 

This is a live webinar hosted on Tuesday, June 22nd at 2:30 pm Central Time Zone. A certificate will be available for those that attend the live session and a recording will be made available for those that cannot attend.